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How to build diverse and dynamic engineering teams

Research indicates that diverse teams achieve better overall performance. According to the Harvard Business Review, citing McKinsey research on the subject, teams with ethnic diversity achieve up to 35% greater financial performance than the national industry median. Engineering teams are also more dynamic and innovative when they are diverse due to a rich variety of experience, and organisations must now take the right action and prioritise inclusion.

esynergy believe in the importance of cross sharing real life examples where organisations have raised their diversity and inclusion efforts, implemented key initiatives and demonstrated successful results to turn the dial. As part of our Beequal community event series we sat down with Sarah Wells, Techincal Director at the Financial Times. During a decade spent in her previous role at the FT, Sarah went from being one of the only women on the team, to being part of the 35% of women and non-binary people that constitute it today. Having been at the heart of this evolution, Sarah is an authority on what is required to build and maintain a diverse engineering team, and she believes the right approach to hiring and retention is critical.