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How mapping creates a winning strategy

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On Thursday, 27 May 2021, esynergy welcomed Simon Wardley, the creator of Wardley maps – a framework for designing and evolving strategies

Simon has spent the last 20 years defining future strategies for companies in the FMCG, retail and technology industries, and is a former CEO and advisory board member of numerous successful start-ups (all acquired). He is also a fellow of Open Europe and a regular conference speaker and a researcher. Simon has twice been voted one of the UK’s top 50 most influential people in technology.

In this edition of esynergy’s Tech Series, Simon explored situational awareness, explaining how it applies to technology and business and looked at how we can map our environment to identify opportunities and create a coherent strategy.

About Wardley maps

A Wardley map is a map of the structure of a business or service, mapping the components needed to serve the customer or user. The difference between Wardley Maps and other methodologies and frameworks is that it’s based on situational awareness and movement, it’s not just a static picture like a SWOT diagram or a Business Model Canvas.