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Exploring the powerful business impact of Data Mesh

We were recently joined by our Data Mesh specialists as part of the esynergy Tech Series, to gain a glimpse into the truly transformational results the team has delivered. Representing this outstanding team at the event was Sunny Jaisinghani, Data Mesh Platform Owner, and Simon Massey, Data Mesh Lead Technologist.

The Data Mesh approach is a new way of designing and developing data architectures. In simple terms, it links together data that is stored in different devices, locations, and even organisations. This offers a range of game changing advantages for companies by making data easier to manage, find, more available, and interoperable with different applications. Once implemented, the Data Mesh facilitates easy, secure access to information stored in single repositories, like data lakes, and in optimised data bases such as data warehouses.

To bring this innovative methodology and its benefits to life, Sunny and Simon walked us through the work they did for a large financial organisation. This involved supporting the company to transition from a Monolithic Data Lake architecture to a federated, self-service Data Mesh based on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The team worked together to overcome key challenges, they conducted numerous experiments to identify the right approach, and deployed the solution to great effect.