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Diversity and inclusion roundtable: Meet the experts

Our journey

Beequal (Balanced Empowered Equal) was created in July 2018, when we took over the former Women in Tech London group, founded in 2013. We decided to change our name to reflect our views on gender being individual and nuanced and the need for allies and champions to help to change the diversity dial.

Beequal provides those who are passionate about technology, who want to diversify their workforce, upskill themselves and build great leaders and teams, a place to come together, share ideas, and hear from storytellers and inspirational ambassadors in tech. Our events cover what we can do as individuals, in the workplace and through our community, to become more balanced, feel empowered and drive equality.

With so many diversity and inclusion events available, we want to ensure we’re creating events our communities find truly useful. This is why we’ve partnered with DINT (Diversity and Inclusion in Tech) for a roundtable event where guests have the chance to meet and chat with experts in Neurodiversity, diverse recruitment, starting a D&I initiative, allyship, race and inclusive communication.