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How to make the people on your team feel like they belong

Once you’ve collected your diversity, inclusion and belonging data, you’re then in a position to use this to create your overarching strategy. At eSynergy, we have a data-driven diversity, inclusion and belonging strategy, which is evidence-based, rather than by personal preference.

Blog 3 in our series looks at how to encourage feelings of belonging in your teams and how data can drive this strategy…

Do you even know me?

You must get to know your people and your team. Everyone has their own story: take the time to get to know each of these. This means giving them your full attention. Trust is built on understanding and connecting with people. You want to trust your employees, but they also need to be able to trust you and your organisation. By sharing your company’s mission, vision and values, you’ll create a two-way sense of belonging, which will drive a more inclusive work environment and culture.

Encourage connections

For your team to feel a genuine sense of belonging, it’s important to encourage any opportunities for them to connect. This could mean personalising introductions, events or spaces for people to get to know each other, learn and grow. This could also include ERGs/CRGs, office socials and activities, all of which bring people together.

Create a home from home

Your office is your team’s home, so it’s vital to create a warm, safe space. Everyone loves a trip to the kitchen for a cuppa and a chat; don’t underestimate the value of these conversations and the effect they have on your team’s wellbeing.