A first step towards delivering measurable business outcomes

Are you looking for support with your discovery project?

Are you not getting enough actionable insights from your data?

Are you considering a move to public cloud? Do you suffer from low deployment frequency? For these questions and others, we support our clients in identifying the technology approach that is best suited to meet their business objectives and helps solve these problem statements.

Within a matter of two to three weeks, we conduct a short, customised, high-value discovery that uncovers the current state, blockers, and opportunities as well as in-depth recommendations of how to move forward. This process is a short, forensic piece of work that generally follows the four stages on the right side;

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Analysis & assessment of areas including:

  • Business Objectives
  • Architecture
  • Code
  • Process
  • Pipeline
  • User journey
  • Roadmap

Stakeholder interviews/workshops

  • Architecture and delivery governance
  • Path to production
  • Demand management
  • Team topologies
  • Measuring Value

Analysis of findings

  • What is going well
  • Identify and prioritise pain points
  • Recommendations
  • Hypotheses

Presentation of the report

Hypothesis (in depth):

  • Business impact
  • Existing mitigation
  • Recommendation
  • Metrics


Hypothesis at a glance:

  • H/M/L impact
  • H/M/L priority

Two or three of our most experienced consultants will execute the assessment and generally apply three different lenses to look at your business.


  • Landscape
  • Path to production
  • Roadmap


  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Goals
  • Demand
  • Value
  • Metrics
  • Stakeholders


  • Flow
  • Governance
  • Process
  • Operation
  • Culture

Discovery outcome

Depending on the size of the technology organisation and infrastructure of our clients, our
esynergy discoveries run between two to three weeks and cost between £50,000 – £100,000.

A shared, documented understanding of project goal and requirements

A prioritised roadmap

Clearly defined success criteria

Tailored recommendations

Assessed business impact

Identified bottlenecks

Suggested metrics

An unbiased view

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