We drive impact and value that is aligned to your business objectives, and we measure that impact with a vast array of indicators that are available to you at any given point throughout the engagement. 

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Have you identified your business objectives? Now is the best time to get us involved. We have learned that we can drive ultimate value when we’re part of your ideation process, by helping you think about that technology solution and not just take a pure execution role.

Propositions, put in practice

In order to drive the right impact for our clients, we need to design technology solutions that are the right fit for their business objective and not the other way round. 

Our practices cover most of our clients’ pressing technology needs whilst allowing for a custom approach for maximum impact and value.

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An ecosystem of experts driving impact

Our associates, the top 5% in the market, will form your core delivery teams. We bring in luminaries in an advisory capacity at critical stages throughout the project. Lastly,  our delivery partners provide vertical technical expertise that you might need to tap into.   
100+ domain leading experts at hand

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We know that our approach to “service offerings” is a bit unconventional. Hopefully you’ll find the answers to some of the most pressing questions we hear helpful. 
We mobilise teams within 2-4 weeks from a pre-vetted ecosystem and thus provide some of the fastest turnarounds in the market. 
All of our teams are UK-based and can work onsite or distributedly, depending on our clients’ expectations.
Our capability framework assesses at each stage of the product, service and platform lifecycle, and then applies optimum skills and experience to maximise the outcome.
Performance measurement allows us to identify improvement opportunities and needs, and nurture delivery teams. So, working with team leads, we measure performance and software quality by:
  • Lead time
  • Release frequency 
  • Time to restore service
  • Change failure rate
No. We work with scale-ups and enterprises across all industry sectors and bring a lot of experience in highly-regulated verticals. 
Short answer – we don’t have one. In order to make the right impact for our clients, we need to choose a tech stack that fits their business objective and not the other way round.
Our governance processes are designed to maximise visibility of team performance. We do so putting in metrics alongside our delivery that allow us to continually and iteratively improve processes and enable effective work-in-progress management.

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