Our approach

We believe in Impact Consulting

The process by which measurable value is the outcome driver. We drive impact through three key areas; engagement, capabilities and technology.

Companies know ‘why’, we know ‘how’

Companies know why they need help.

Businesses and business units understand their objectives. But the gulf between knowing why you need innovation is different to knowing what it is, and how it’s created. That’s where we come in…

It’s all in how you built it!

Understanding how to build the right capabilities to deliver best outcomes is our speciality. From which technologies and skillsets are needed, to the specific build approach.

Outcomes that deliver measurable value

We believe in ‘impact consulting’, which means we believe all our outcomes should be measurable. We build this into our engagement and workflow because it’s at the heart of our approach.

Key benefits

We build capability in three key ways, from bringing expert talent to a project, working collaboratively with client teams to develop their capabilities and supporting in building a highly engaged ecosystem.


We have an ecosystem of sector leading talent we can deploy to projects.


Throughout projects we upskill our clients internal talent to develop their capabilities.


We enable clients to build highly engaged communities

We build capability over time

We build clients capabilities so as the project progresses, we form an advisory service and the abilty to deliver is in the hands of our clients.

Incremental handover builds our clients capability through the project.

Our aim is to build internal capabilities and handover technology ownership

We leverage a wide network of domain leading experts to each project. Capability on tap.

Our Specialised Services

We suggest technologies that fit the outcome and not the other way round. Our engagements are delivered by an ecosystem of experts, from individual associates, to luminaries to delivery partners.

Cloud & Platforms

We support our clients adopting and scaling cloud platforms by using a metric driven, highly transparent cloud delivery model.

Business Agility

We maximise impact by using best practice around operational enablement, platform and product strategy.


Our services enable our clients to exercise data-driven decision making powered by insights, automation and modern processes.

Case studies

Have a look at some of the transformations we’ve supported our clients through.

eSynergy Partners with Ofqual to Resolve Legacy Issues and Reduce Costs
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eSynergy Partners with Ofqual to Resolve Legacy Issues and Reduce Costs

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Building a Challenger Bank
Case Study

Building a Challenger Bank

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Strengthening Vanquis Bank’s technical employer brand
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Strengthening Vanquis Bank’s technical employer brand

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