Tech Series: Adoption of DevOps HMRC

Tech Series: Adoption of DevOps HMRC

23 march 22

Ben Conrad, Head of Agile Delivery for MDTP examined the role of DevOps at HMRC, how they have been able to deliver digital tax services frequently while learning from incremental successes and failures.

Ben talks about the ‘You Build It You Run It’ approach and how they are utilising DevOps to their advantage to foster a mature DevOps culture at HMRC. He also share the challenges that come with its wider legacy estate and implementing DevOps, particularly in a government organisation.

  • Ben Conrad
    Head of Agile Delivery

About our speaker

Ben Conrad, Head of Agile Delivery and Profession for DevOps has worked at HMRC for 5 years on the Multi-channel Digital Tax Platform (MDTP) a Platform as a Service that now hosts over a thousand microservices.  Working across the different teams who develop the platform itself trying to ensure that HMRC are always able to meet the needs of our direct customers.


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